Grades & Cuts



Grade A

  • The colour of the roller mark is PURPLE
  • Young animal
  • Most tender meat


Grade AB

  • The colour of the roller is GREEN
  • Young animal in transition to an adult animal
  • The meat is reasonably tender


Grade B

  • The colour of the roller mark  is BROWN
  • Adult animal
  • Less tender


Grade C

  • The colour of the roller mark is RED
  • Adult animal
  • Least tender


Fat Classes

Indicated as follows:

000 – No visible fat on the carcass
111 – A very lean carcass
222 – A lean carcass
333 – A medium fat carcass
444 – A fat carcass
555 – An over-fat carcass
666 – An excessively fat carcass

Carnivores tend to be smarter than Herbivores

Since brain tissue takes 20 times more energy to grow than liver or kidney tissues, meat-eating likely helped humans evolve larger brains

Many of the planet’s most intelligent species are Carnivorous (dolphins, ravens) or Omnivorous (humans, chimpanzees)