our meat


Our chicken is reared right here in SA and carefully packaged with pride.
You make that meal you know your family loves.

Don’t let the price lead you to think it’s not quality chicken. We keep our prices low for you, but we don’t compromise on quality. The chickens are grown, cared for and processed in adherence with the most stringent nutritional and hygiene regulations.

We do the quality – you do the cooking.

Our chickens are grown on local farms in South Africa, and fed top-notch chicken feed.

One serving of chicken also provides a lot of protein, more than half of what the average person needs in a day. Plus it has a high score on the Amino Acid Score, indicating that it is a high quality complete protein.

How to select and store

  • When purchasing whole chickens, look for ones that have a solid and plump shape with a rounded breast. Whether purchasing a whole chicken or chicken parts, the chicken should feel pliable when gently pressed, and it should not have an “off” smell. Do not buy chicken if the sell-by date on the label has already expired.
  • The color of the chicken’s skin, white or yellow, does not have any bearing on its nutritional value. Regardless of color, the skin should be opaque and not spotted.
  • If purchasing frozen chicken, make sure that it is frozen solid and does not have any ice deposits or freezer burn. Additionally, avoid frozen chicken that has frozen liquid in the package as this may indicate that it has been defrosted and refrozen.
  • Chicken should be stored in the coldest section of your refrigerator. If the store packaging is intact and secure, store it this way since this will reduce the amount of handling. Yet, if the packaging is not secure, and it seems as if the chicken liquids will leak, rewrap it securely before storing. This is very important to make sure that the chicken does not contaminate other foods in the refrigerator. Refrigerated raw chicken can keep for two to three days.
  • To freeze chicken, remove it from its packaging, wash it and then pat it dry. Using either aluminum foil or freezer paper, wrap the chicken parts carefully so that they are as airtight as possible. Well-wrapped frozen chicken can keep for about one year.